J & T Farriers

    No hoof, No horse

Our standard rates are competitive with this area.  However, rates can vary based on special circumstances, length of visit, corrective shoeing needs, etc.  We strive to keep our rate reasonable and will make every effort to work with you.

Our rates begin at:

Trims                  $45.00

Two Shoes          $95.00

Four Shoes         $130.00

Additional fees for specialty situations such as drafts, corrective, sliders, etcFor example,  we account for 45 minutes per draft for a trim.  If the time exceeds that we reserve the right to prorate our fee to account for the additional time taken to provide care and patience if animal is difficult.

We understand that not all horses will stand perfect for the farrier, however if your horse is untrained we will charge a fee of $90 per hour, per horse, to train your horse to stand for the farrier.  This fee is in addition to a trim or shoeing charge.  We will not hit your horse!  Our goal is to let the horse know it is much easier to work with us than against us.  This helps to make your horse safe for you as well as us.  We only train your horse to stand for the farrier.